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Our tarts

We also have some Mauritian and french origin tarts. Wonderful different fillings in a mini pie crust and toppings to complete your sweet cravings. 

Banana Tart

Coconut Pineapple Tart

Almond Raspberry Tart

Almond Tart.jpg

Our tarts are made from scratch and are homemade. Each one of them has a different filling that is quite unique in its own.

The Banana Tart is made with a rich banana filling, made with brown sugar, fresh ripe bananas and with a touch of Canada, Maple syrup. Then it is assembled in this buttery crunchy pie crust.

Our Coconut Pineapple Tart is filled with coconut cake inside with a pineapple coulis. A very traditional island thing, pineapple and coconut desert. Then it is assembled in this buttery crunchy pie crust just like our Banana Tart

Our Almond Raspberry tart, one of our best seller, the filling is made with almond flour and raspberry coulis, assembled in our pie crush and topped with thin slices of almond, powdered sugar and local honey.

To Order our Tarts

To get our delicious tarts, leave us a message on our website, or any of our social media platform, we will be able to provide you with the price list. You can also visit us at The Alderney Farmers Market in Dartmouth on Saturday where you can have some samples before you get some of our delicious tarts

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