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Get to Know Us

MO GÂTO means My Cake in Mauritian Creole. It is the native language of Mauritius Island. I am originally from back there and moved to Halifax, Canada in 2014. Since I moved to Canada, there was a lot of things that were different from my small island, but mostly it was the weather and the food. A lot of people did not even know Mauritius existed and I used to open my phone and google it to show people. One of my favorite foods from back home was a cookie, Napolitaine. It is unique and I never saw it anywhere except in Mauritius.


When I was still living on the Island, I would travel around and try to find the best place that sell Napolitaines. I did find it and I enjoyed eating them nearly every day. Napolitaine was one of the things I did miss the most, and my mother would try to get me the best every time I visited back home. After I finished my studies, I decided to make Napolitaines for myself and they were as good as the one back home. A lot of my friends, peers, and people I knew loved them, and hence I decided to open MO GÂTO to share this amazing delicacy in Canada. My dream would be to be able to make it a very famous sweet, that will be known at least all around Canada, just like Mauritius.

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