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Re-Introducing Chai 

With a Mauritian Twist


Get to Know Us

Mo Chai is our sister company, which specializes in Mauritian Origin Chai blend. When me and my sister moved to Canada, there were many things we were really used to back home that were not available here. We really missed those unique taste from back home, after graduating my sister started Mo Chai, and started sharing our unique Mauritian blend locally at the farmer's market.  While at the Farmer's market we also started selling Napolitaine with the tea and later on, I decided to start MO GÂTO to share this unique and flavorful cookie, which is my favorite cookie from Mauritius in Canada

What is Mo Chai?

Mo Chai simply means My Tea. Mo is the Mauritian creole for My and Chai is simply Tea in Hindi. Being from a diverse Ethnical background and the beautiful Island of Mauritius, drinking tea is what we grow up with. When i moved to Canada it was hard to find tea like back home so I would bring my tea from home and mix the spices every morning.

After 4 years of mixing my own blend tea, I decided why not let other people get the joy and serenity that comes with drinking Chai, so I created Mo Chai. For all those people who miss home and those that wanna discover the Mauritian taste, Let's Chai with Mo Chai!!!

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